Dunk Defying

The 2010 NBA All-Star weekend in Dallas had many story lines from the star studded mid-season weekend events to unforeseen  weather.  However,  a story that needed to be retold is the story of 1986 dunk contest.  Spud Webb shocked the world by beating the reigning dunk champion Dominique Wilkins.  The show also tells the story of the 5’6″ Nate Robinson who won the 2006 Dunk Contest.

Gatorade Recovery Drink Promotion

This is piece is part of a promotional series that highlights recovery techniques used by different athletic trainers of the 2012 NBA playoff teams. Dallas Mavericks Head Athletic Trainer Casey Smith explains the benefits of light and low impact workouts for optimal recovery.


This is the story of Wayman Tisdale a former star collegiate athlete, NBA Player and musician. Mr. Tisdale was an amazing person who did everything with exuberance.  TNT’s Jim Huber sat down with Tisdale who shared the night that changed his life.  A year after this feature aired on TNT, he lost his fight with cancer.  

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