I edited this show for The 2018 All-Star Weeekend Saturday night coverage.  This was one of the biggest events of the 2018 NBA Season.  This was one of most talked about and watched subject of that weekend.

I am not allowed to upload the show on my own.  However, this youtube user has been gracious enough to load the file.  Unfortunately, almost 5 minutes is missing from this version.  Actually all of the versions on youtube are missing 5 minutes.  The original TNT airing was delivered in error by me.  The 3rd segment is missing the 1st 5 minutes.  There is a whole section about the Lakers’ revenge on the Spurs that did not that Saturday.  It aired clean and no one can tell.  NBATV airs the full version of regularly.  If you’re interest check your local listings.

Personally this is one of the biggest shows I have worked on to date.  The star power of this story is one of the biggest in sports history.  It was a blessing to be a part of this project.  I count my blessing on how this could have been one of my biggest mistakes as an editor, as well.  Living on a prayer……for real.

Shaq & Kobe Interview

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